About Allied Engineers, LLC

We've built our credentials over the past 25 years.

Robert E. Dawyot and Vlastimil Cejna
Robert E. Dawyot and Vlastimil Cejna

Allied Engineers, Inc. (AEI) has been designing water and wastewater treatment systems for small communities and resorts located in the western United States for more than 25 years. These projects have involved innovative approaches such as decentralized water recycling plants, on-site treatment and reuse, decentralized treatment plants, storm water capture, and solar power utilization for utility power. The company has worked with regulatory agencies to obtain approval of recycled water irrigation of residential lawns, vineyards, golf courses, and commercial landscaping.

California Local Knowledge

Allied extensive experience is primarily centered in California, where we've participated in more than 55 projects. We understand the unique geography and the complex regulatory environment, and that ensures a worry-free project for our clients.

Seasoned Professionals

Our senior engineers are seasoned professionals, capable of handling your project through every phase.